Biotage Emrys Personal Chemistry Optimizer Microwave Synthesizer

Manufacturer: Biotage
Model: Optimizer
Condition: Used
Listing ID#:3591
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This Biotage/Emrys Optimizer comes with an on-board computer, and LCD monitor.  This instrument is in excellent condition! The Biotage / Personal Chemistry Emrys Optimizer is the latest addition to the Coherent Synthesis family of systems for microwave-assisted organic synthesis. Emrys Optimizer is the ideal instrument when iterative synthesis work is required, i.e. when testing new ideas, method development and synthesis of small libraries. A straightforward, intuitive system, Emrys Optimizer is based on the proven Emrys Synthesizer and Emrys Creator platforms.  This compact system is designed to enable multiple user access.  Each chemist has control over his own vials that may be queued and processed when in turn.  Sequential processing allows for individual control as well as rapid optimization of reaction conditions.  The simple and flexible software with user-friendly functions such as incremental condition changes, ensure fast programming.  It is as simple to program one as it is for 60 vials without the need for training or instructions.  The system also allows for continuous process monitoring (time, temperature and power) and documentation.  The height adjusting feet enables simple installation in a fume hood.

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