BioAnalytical Sample Sentinel Programmable Autosampler (BASi Refrigerated Autosampler)

Manufacturer: BioAnalytical
Model: BASi Refrigerated Autosampler
Condition: Used
Listing ID#:5071

This BioAnalytical Sample Sentinel Programmable Autosampler ( AKA Dionex AS3000 Autosampler ALS ) is in excellent condition.  The Sample Sentinel refrigerated unit offers robotic liquid-chromatographic autosampling by moving the sample vial to sampling, diluting, or mixing stations without requiring complex mechanical drivers. Capable of transferring 105 vials (300 µL or 1.8 mL) in three removable trays when cooled or 120 vials when uncooled, the unit is designed for use with microbore, standard-bore, or preparative applications and is available for precise fixed-loop and variable-loop injection. With the sample preparation option, up to three reagent additions are programmable.

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