Bio-Rad Model 3550-UV Microplate Reader with Stackers

Manufacturer: Bio-Rad Model: 3550-UV Condition: Used Warranty: Test Performed: Listing ID# 10127

The Model 3550 Microplate Reader is a vertical pathlength photometer which measures the  absorbency of contents of the wells of a 96 well microtitration plate. Single or dual wavelength measurements can be made, and absorbency values are measured to three decimal places.

It has 340, 405, 450, 490, 595 and 655 nm filters in it.

The Model 3550 Microplate Reader can be programmed by entering commands through the membrane keypad to select analysis parameters, define plate formats, and select report types and print options. Four different reports can be generated: absorbance, limit, matrix, and evaluation (which includes extrapolation of sample concentrations from a linear regression of standard values). Analysis parameters, plate formats, and reports which include an 8 x 12 presentation of data, can be viewed on the liquid crystal display (LCD). The instrument’s memory has the capacity to store 9 analysis protocols, 9 formats, and 25 sets of plate data.  For hard cope, the Model 3550 Microplate Reader can be interfaced with an optional printer such as the Epson FX 850 (catalog number 125-1155) or Epson EX 800 (catalog number 125-1230).

The plate stacker and loading mechanism with 25 plate capacity (catalog number 170-6612) is available for laboratories requiring high throughput. The Model 3550 Microplate Reader includes a built-in RS-232-C serial interface device for convenient computer interfacing with the Microplate Manager and Kinetic Collector software for the IBM PC or Apple Macintosh computer, which offer complete analysis programs.

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Bio-Rad Model 3550-UV Microplate Reader with Stackers
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