Thermo Finnigan Surveyor HPLC System

Manufacturer: Thermo Finnigan Model: SRVYR-PDA5 & SRVYR-LPUMP & SRVYR-AS / SRVYR-PDA5 & SRVYR-LPUMP & SRVYR-AS / SRVYR-PDA5 & SRVYR-LPUMP & SRVYR-AS Condition: Used Warranty: 90 day with onsite installation. Other options available upon request. Test Performed: tested Listing ID# 5842

This Thermo Finnigan Surveyor HPLC System is in excellent condition!

System features include:

  • Pumps: The Surveyor HPLC pump provides smooth, precise quaternary gradients required for analytical and narrow bore chromatography. An optional MS pump is optimized for ultra-high performance at the lower flow rate required by MS instruments. Both the LC and MS pumps feature integrated degassers and quaternary low pressure mixing.
  • Autosampler: Thermo’s Autosampler technology features temperature-controlled sample trays, injection valve, and integrated column oven to maintain sample integrity before and during analysis. Method development is easily optimized using one of the multiple injection modes which include full loop, partial loop, and no waste.
  • Detectors: Thermo’s UV/Vis and  feature patented LightPipe™ technology, providing up to five times the sensitivity of conventional flow cells.

This system includes:

  • Thermo Finnigan Surveyor UV-VIS Plus Detector
  • Thermo Finnigan Surveyor LC Pump (SRVYR-LPUMP)
  • Thermo Finnigan Surveyor Autosampler (SRVYR-AS)
  • Cables and connectors

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Thermo Finnigan Surveyor HPLC System
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