Alitea MAB 20 Peristaltic Pump

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he MAB 20 Microdialysis Pump is a peristaltic pump designed for use in microdialysis. A small footprint makes it easy to place the pump close to the experimental setup. The pump may be operated as a push or pull pump or as a push-pull pump. Since there are no syringes the perfusion media reservoir can contain any volume. This is ideal for long time experiments. Injections done through the probe require the volume needed for the injection only. Used in push-pull mode, back pressure building up inside the probe is eliminated. Convenient in awake animal setups where long outlet tubings are used. The pump uses precalibrated tubing kits. This ensures very stable and accurate flowrate on both channels. Internal diameter of the narrow bore Santoprene tubing and the FEP tubing are identical, meaning that there is no extra system dead volume created. Available with 2, 4 or 6 channels.

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