Agilent G1811A XY Autosampler

Manufacturer: Agilent Technologies
Model: G1811A
Condition: New
Warranty:30 Days
Listing ID#:6970

This Agilent G1811A XY Autosampler is new and was only taken out of box for pictures. All pictured accessories are included upon purchase of this instrument. The Agilent Technologies XY autosampler (G1811A) is an XYZ robot which can automate sample handling procedures. It is controlled by Agilent ChemStation for UV-visible spectroscopy software of revision A.06.0x or higher. System specifications include:
  • Autosampler type: XYZ robot with stationary rack design.
  • Front panel: One yellow LED.
  • Needle rinse: Dedicated rinse station for cleaning the inside and outside of the needle. Selectable rinse volume and flow rate
  • Needle positioning performance: Resolution in X, Y and Z: ± 1 mm. Repeatability in X, Y and Z: ± 0.25 mm.
  • Arm speed: X- and Y-axes: 250 mm/s. Z-axis: 126.9 mm/s.
  • Rack capacity: Up to four 21 series racks.
  • Control: Computer control via RS-232 port.
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