Agilent 6210 G1969A TOF LC/MS System

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The Agilent 6210 TOF LC/MS ( LCMS ) System is an orthogonal-axis time-of-flight mass spectrometer (oa-TOF). That is, the ions reaching the time-of-flight chamber are impelled in a direction perpendicular to their original path. You can set up an Agilent time-of-flight mass spectrometer system (TOF) in several configurations:
  • For normal flow LC/MS with a binary pump, quaternary pump, well-plate sampler (or autosampler) and ESI , APCI, APPI or MMI ion sources
  • For microflow LC/MS with a capillary pump, micro well-plate sampler and ESI, APCI or MMI ion source
  • For nanoflow LC/MS with a nanopump, micro well-plate sampler and nanospray source or dual nanospray source
  • TOF system with an AP-MALDI source
Available Sources:
  • ESI – Electrospray Ionization
  • APCI – Atmospheric Pressure Chemical Ionization
  • APPI – Atmospheric Pressure Photo Ionization
  • MALDI – Matrix-Assisted Laser Desorption Ionization
  • MMI – Multimode Ionization

The system uses the same Agilent MassHunter Software to enable these advantages, although the AP-MALDI TOF system uses only the TOF portion of the software.

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Agilent 6210 G1969A TOF LC/MS System
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