Agilent 6125 LC/MSD with Infinity II HPLC


  • Agilent 6125 LC/MSD with Infinity II HPLC
    • Agilent 6125 LC/MSD
      • Ion Source
    • Agilent Infinity II HPLC
      • 1260 Infinity II VWD (G7114A)
      • 1260 Infinity II Prep Autosampler (G7157A)
      • 1260 Infinity II Iso Pump (G7110B)
      • 1290 Infinity II Prep Binary Pump (G7161B)
      • 1290 Infinity II Prep FC  (G7159B)
      • 1290 MS Flow Modulator (G7170B)
      • 1290 Valve Drive (G1170A)
      • Agilent Delay Coil Organizer
      • XSelect CSH C18 OBD Prep Column
  • Warranty Coverage


  • Mass Spec Workbench
  • Wiley NIST / EPA / NIH Mass Spectral Library 2020
  • Installation & Familiarization
  • Extended Warranty

The Agilent 6125 LC/MSD with Infinity II HPLC System can be configured with UV and MS detectors as well as multiple fraction collectors to meet your purification needs. Automated sample injection increases daily sample throughput and mass-based fraction collection maximizes purity and minimizes re-analysis.

The Agilent 6125 LC/MSD features advanced technology and innovative capabilities that make it a valuable tool in fields such as pharmaceuticals, environmental analysis, food safety, and forensic sciences. Its robust design ensures stability and consistent performance, even in demanding laboratory environments.


6125 LC/MSD / 1260 Infinity II HPLC


Agilent Technologies



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