Agilent 6120A Quadrupole MSD

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This Agilent 6120A Series Quadrupole LC/MS System is in excellent condition. The Agilent 6100 Series Quadrupole LC/MS ( LC MS / LCMS / LC MSD / LC-MS ) systems are the culmination of many generations of refinement in quadrupole LC/MS. They offer unrivaled performance combined with proven robustness and ease-of-use, and now feature a footprint barely half the size of previous models.

The 6110 and 6120 are outstanding for a wide range of applications and their reasonable price puts the power of mass spectrometry within reach of more laboratories than ever before.

All four models of the Agilent 6100 Series integrate seamlessly with Agilent 1200 and 1100 Series LC modules. You control all modules with the Agilent ChemStation data system, providing unprecedented levels of automation for reliable, unattended operation and enhanced productivity. The 6100 Series systems provide the cornerstone for complete LC/MS solutions. They are suitable for applications as diverse as identity confirmationfor combinatorial libraries of drug candidates through quantification of insecticides and herbicides in water samples.

System is configurable with these ionization choices:

  • Electrospray ionization (ESI) source to analyze large and small polar molecules.
  • Atmospheric pressure chemical ionization (APCI) source to analyze a range of less polar and nonpolar molecules.
  • Multimode source for simultaneous ESI and APCI ionization, providing maximum response coverage and higher throughput.

*Price may vary based on choice of ion source.*

System specifications include:

  • Mass range: m/z 10–1500
  • Mass accuracy: ± 0.13 u within the calibrated mass range in scan mode
  • Mass axis stability: Mass drift does not exceed the larger absolute value of ± 0.1 u or ± 100 ppm of measured mass
    over a 12 hour period at constant temperature ± 3 degrees centigrade
  • Scan Speed: 2500 u/s
  • SIM sensitivity:• ESI at 400 μL/min or APCI at 1000 μL/min
    • Selected ion monitoring of m/z 609.3
    • Positive ionization
    10 pg reserpine, 100:1 RMS (20:1 peak-to-peak)
  • Scan sensitivity: • ESI at 400 μL/min or APCI at 1000 μL/min
    • Scan range m/z 100–650
    • Scan speed 2500 u/s
    • Extracted ion at m/z 609.3
    • Positive ionization
  • Multiple signal acquisition: Ability to cycle through four different acquisition modes on a scan-by-scan basis within a single run.

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