Waters Acquity QDa Detector

Manufacturer: Waters Alliance Model: Acquity / Acquity QDa Detector Condition: Used Warranty: 30 day Test Performed: Listing ID# 33033

Press On to Bring the Power of Mass Detection to Your Lab

The Waters ACQUITY QDa Detector is a mass detector built around the needs of analytical scientists for chromatographic analysis. Robust, reliable and requiring no sample adjustments, it just integrates with your current LC, ACQUITY UPLC, ACQUITY UPC2, and purification systems.

With great detection power comes great possibility – Minimize the risk of unexpected solutions or components and confirm trace components with the analytical confidence of mass detection. Enhance the analytical value and productivity of each analysis.

You’ll enhance the analytical value and productivity of each analysis, and you won’t need to run all the additional assays or time-consuming alternative techniques or even wait for results from specialist labs that cost your laboratory productivity.

With the Waters ACQUITY QDa Detector, you now have information-rich mass spectral data to complement data from your current Waters® optical detectors, including the ACQUITY UPLC PDA, TUV, ELS, and FLR detectors, as well as the ACQUITY UPC² PDA Detector. This mass spectral information integrates seamlessly into the same workflow; routinely giving you more complete separation characterization.

  • Intuitive operation
  • More information from every sample
  • Effortless integration
  • Increased efficiency
  • Resolving complexity

  • Food & Environment
  • Life Sciences & Pharmaceuticals
  • Chemical

Note: Licenses for Waters’ software products are not transferable. Any customer who purchases Waters products are advised that in order to hold a valid license to use the Waters’ software, they must purchase a license and appropriate Application Manager directly from Waters.


  • Dimensions: (WxDxH) 35.3 x 65.0/75.0 x 20.0 cm (13.9 x 25.6 / 29.5 x 7.9 in. )
  • Detector: Photomultiplier Detector
  • Accuracy: Better than ±0.2 Da over full mass range
  • Resolution: Automated mass resolution control (0.7 Da) for constant data quality
  • Software: Empower ® 2 and 3 and MassLynx™4.1
  • Scanning Speed: Automatically-optimized for enhanced data quality for acquisition rates of up to e.g. 10Hz for m/z 100 to 1000 or 20 Hz for m/z 50 to 500
  • Mass Range: 30 to 1250 m/z

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