Waters 3100 Single Quadrupole MSD LCMS System

Manufacturer: Leybold / Waters Alliance Model: 2489 / 2545 / 2767 / 3100 / 515 / SFO / SV40 BI Condition: Used Warranty: 30 day (90 day with onsite installation.) Test Performed: Listing ID# 12087

Waters 3100 Single Quadrupole MSD LCMS System

This Waters 3100 Single Quadrupole MSD LCMS System is in excellent condition.

The Waters 3100 Mass Detector provides your laboratory with a fast, simple, and flexible analytical platform that enables you to rapidly screen and confirm molecular weights, effortlessly track chromatographic peaks, purify with maximum recovery, and quantitate with superior sensitivity and selectivity.

Notice: This complete system came from a fully working reputable lab.

This system includes:

  • 3100 Single Quadrupole Mass Detector
  • 2487 UV/Visible Detector
  • 2767 Sample Manager (Fraction Collector)
  • 2545 Binary Gradient Module
  • SFO (System Fluidics Organizer)
  • Leybold Sogevac SV40 Vacuum Pump
  • Computer


Waters 3100 Mass Detector:

The 3100 Mass Detector provides you with all the advantages of MS detection. This versatile and easy-to-use single quadrupole MS detector allows for chemists with all levels of experience to generate
superior quality results

Waters 2767 Sample Manager:

The Waters 2767 Sample Manager is a high-capacity sample processing system that easily and automatically manages sample aspiration and injection, collection and fraction analysis on a single platform. The 2767 provides a single-point management of injection and collection of separated peaks.

Waters 2545 Binary Gradient Module:

The 2545 Binary Gradient Module (BGM) is a high-pressure mixing binary gradient pump that serves as the primary solvent delivery device for the Waters AutoPurification System, enabling subsequent isolation and purification of targeted compounds.

  • Operates at analytical and preparative scales
  • Performs between flow rates of 0.50 to 150.00 mL/min with a pressure up to 6000 psi
  • Integrates solvent selection valves on each solvent delivery channel to allow for rapid solvent changeovers and system purges
  • Streamlines the purification process via MassLynx™ Software control using FractionLynx™ Application Manager

Waters 2489 U/V Visible Detector:

Whether performing routine UV-based applications or pushing the limits of detection with low-level impurity analyses, the Waters 2489 UV/Visible (UV/Vis) Detector is the best detection choice for performance, reliability, and usability. The 2489 UV/Vis Detector is the most sensitive and versatile dual-wavelength absorbance detector available for HPLC. The design combines a high energy Deuterium source, a precise optical design, and low noise, high-speed electronics. These advanced capabilities take UV/Vis detection performance to a new level.

Note: Licenses for Waters’ software products are not transferable. Any customer who purchases Waters products are advised that in order to hold a valid license to use the Waters’ software, they must purchase a license and appropriate Application Manager directly from Waters.

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