Wallac Victor2 / Perkin Elmer 1420 Multilable Counter model 1420-012

Manufacturer: Perkin Elmer / Wallac Model: VICTOR2 1420-012 multilabel counter Condition: Used Warranty: 30 day Test Performed: Listing ID# 41594

Wallac Victor2 / Perkin Elmer 1420 Multilable Counter model 1420-012

This is a Pre-owned Wallac Victor2 / Perkin Elmer 1420 Multilable Counter model 1420-012.

The Wallac VICTOR2 multilabel counter from PerkinElmer is today’s most advanced detection platform for non-isotopic assays. To accommodate the full range of assays your work demands, it includes high quality optical systems designed for each of the individual measuring technologies. In the same protocol, for example, you can define up to 10 different labels.

The 1420 is an all in one reader plate reader capable of reading Luminescence, Fluorescence, and Kinetic readings. With a complete platform for quantitative detection of Light-emitting or light-absorbing markers, this system is suitable for high sensitivity time-resolved fluorometry, fluorescence, flash or glow luminescence, flash absorbance and photometry.

The Wallac 1420 VICTOR2 is a multilabel, multitask plate reader designed to support the future demands of industrial and academic laboratories for multiple assay technologies on a single platform. An extended version of the successful Wallac VICTOR multilabel reader, the VICTOR2 allows immediate access to more than 10 counting modes, covering all of the main nonradioactive counting technologies.

VICTOR2 accepts all types of microtitration plates with between 1 and 864 (1536 fluorescence and time-resolved fluorescence) wells, as well as Petri dishes, slides, filters and Terasaki plates.

All models include scanning, shaking and kinetics modules. To support individual applications in cell or molecular biology, binding studies, environmental and food testing, toxicology and drug screening, VICTOR2 can also be supplied with dispenser module, temperature control, bottom reading, high density reading and various other options.

A small bench top unit, VICTOR2 is easy to place as a stand-alone instrument or to integrate into a robotic system. Performing the work of a fluorometer, a luminometer, a time-resolved fluorometer and a photometer, it provides a superior alternative to a whole series of mutually incompatible analytical instruments. Ease of use and general reliability are enhanced by 32-bit Windows Workstation software, designed to utilize the full capabilities of Windows 95/98/NT.

The VICTOR2 multilabel counter with IR, high density TR-fluorometry, stacker and robot loading option for fluorescence, high density time-resolved fluorescence, luminescence and absorption measurements. Loading of the instrument is semi- or fully automatic.

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