Varian Saturn Ion Trap 2000 GC/MS/MS System with Varian CP-8400 Autosampler

Manufacturer: Varian Model: Saturn 2000 MSD (GC MS MS) Condition: Used Warranty: 30 day Test Performed: Listing ID# 450

This Varian Saturn Ion Trap 2000 GC/MS/MS System with CP-3800 GC is in excellent condition.  The Saturn 2000 series ion trap GC/MS/MS system is the most widely used ion trap GC/MS/MS in the world.  The Varian 2000 GC/MS/MS combines the versatility of our proven 3800 GC and the performance of our industry leading ion trap MS. The Saturn 2000 answers your analytical needs with the CP-3800 GC and the 2000 Series Ion Trap MS. These components create a platform as a versatile GC and flexible MS/MS system. Both deliver unequaled performance — which is a Saturn tradition. The system includes a CP-8400 autosampler with   a 100 vial capacity. This  autoSampler designed to be used with the CP-3800 GC and an ideal addition to an already efficient system.

  • Varian  3800 GC
  • Varian Saturn 2000 MS
  • Varian CP-8400 Autosampler


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