Thermo Scientific TRACE GC Ultra with FID & SSL

Manufacturer: Thermo Finnigan Model: TRACE GC ULTRA Condition: Pre-owned Warranty: 30 day Test Performed: Listing ID# 24006

Thermo Scientific TRACE GC Ultra with FID & SSL

This is a pre-owned Thermo Scientific TRACE GC Ultra with FID & SSL.

The TRACE GC Ultra is built around the recognized quality, reliability and ruggedness of the established TRACE GC. Ultra performance, reliability, and usability make this a must-have GC for any laboratory. Automated features result in a tremendous increase in sample throughput, with analyses performed up to 30 times faster than before, without compromises in precision.

System includes:

  • TRACE GC Ultra
    • FID
    • SSL
  • Computer
  • Cables and connectors

Column Oven

  • Programmability: 7 Ramps/8 Plateaus.
  • Temperature range: few degrees above ambient to 450 °C.
  • Maximum Temperature ramp: 120 °C/min.
  • Typical heat-up: from 50 °C to 450 °C in 420 seconds.
  • Typical cool down: 450 °C to 50 °C in 250 seconds.
  • Sub-ambient: -99 °C with liquid N2, -55 °C with CO2 options.
  • Injectors Vaporizing Inlets: SSL, Packed, Purged Packed,B.E.S.T. PTV
  • Temperature range: 50-400 °C
  • Heating rate: Up to 14.5 °C/sec (870°C/min).
  • Programmability: 3 ramps/4 plateaus. Air-cooled down to few degrees above ambient temperature.
  • Sub-ambient: -50 °C with liquid N2 , -30°C with CO2 options.
  • Non-Vaporizing Inlets: Cold, On-column Septumless injector. No heating of the injector is required. Suitable for manual and automated operations.
    Cryogenic coolant not required.

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