Thermo Scientific Nanosource/Nanospray

Manufacturer: Thermo Scientific Model: IM-200 Condition: Pre-owned Warranty: 30 day Test Performed: Listing ID# 15550

This Thermo Scientific Nanosource is in excellent condition and tested to function. Please contact us for further details on specifications and availability.

The nanospray ionization (NSI) source is a universal ion source that can be used on a
TSQ™ Series mass spectrometer, an LCQ™ Series mass spectrometer, or an LTQ™ Series
mass spectrometer.
The Thermo Scientific NSI source generates gas phase ions from sample solutions for analysis
by a mass spectrometer. The effectiveness of the ionization process depends upon the
concentration and ionization efficiency of the analyte. The Thermo Scientific NSI source is
an improvement over conventional electrospray ion sources because nanospray ionization
allows you to minimize the flow rate, which increases the signal response for dilute samples by
increasing the effective analyte concentration at the emitter tip.
The NSI system gives you considerable flexibility in choosing the type of experiment required
for a specific analysis. Nanospray operation can be performed in either of two modes: static
nanospray or dynamic nanospray. Thermo Scientific offers two types of NSI probe for the
dynamic nanospray mode: the dynamic NSI probe, which is used with a capillary column,
and the packed-tip NSI probe, which is used with a PicoFrit™ column.


Pulnix Camera IM-200 P/N 10-1440
The imaging system facilitates the positioning of the emitter and allows you to troubleshoot
emitter problems. The imaging system mounts to the nanospray adapter for your mass


The NSI source assembly consists of the NSI flange, NSI base, and NSI probe. The static NSI probe can perform a continuous analysis of small sample (analyte) solution volumes over an extended period of time. The static nanospray mode is particularly useful for obtaining detailed structural information using MS/MS for purified samples or those present in a simple mixture. The dynamic NSI probe uses a capillary column and a solvent delivery system to perform chromatographic separations on mixtures prior to analysis by the mass spectrometer. The packed-tip NSI probe uses PicoFrit® columns, which are emitters packed with HPLC column material. The PicoFrit column is an integral separation and spray device, which circumvents the junction issues encountered when using a capillary column and
a fused silica emitter. Please inquire to see which probe we have available for your needs.

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