Thermo Scientific Dionex ICS-1100 with Dionex AS-AP System

Manufacturer: Thermo Scientific Model: Dionex AS-AP / Dionex ICS-1100 Condition: Pre-owned Warranty: 30 day Test Performed: Listing ID# 43870

This is a pre-owned Thermo Scientific Dionex ICS-1100 with Dionex AS-AP System.

System Includes:
  • Thermo Scientific Dionex ICS-1100
  • Thermo Scientific Dionex AS-AP
  • Computer
  • Cables and connectors

The ICS-1100 Ion Chromatography System (Dionex ICS-1100) performs ion analyses using suppressed or non-suppressed conductivity detection. An ion chromatography system typically consists of a liquid eluent, a high-pressure pump, a sample injector, a guard and separator column, a chemical suppressor, a conductivity cell, and a data collection system.

Thermo Scientific Dionex AS-AP Autosampler

The Thermo Scientific ICS Series AS-AP Autosampler is designed for high precision, reliability, ruggedness, and ease of use. The AS-AP can be used with the entire ICS product family and provides high-performance, automated sample processing for ion chromatography applications.

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