Thermo Labsystems Assist Plate Handling Device

Manufacturer: Labsystems / Thermo Finnigan Model: Assist Plate Condition: Used Warranty: Test Performed: Listing ID# 5790

This Thermo Labsystems Assist Plate Handling Device is in excellent condition.  Labsystems Assist is an automated microplate handling device to help today’s laboratories meet the increasing demands for greater microplate handling capacity. The compact-sized unit individually moves microplates from an input rack to an instrument’s plate carrier to facilitate high-throughput performance. Assist software then initiates instrument operation. After completion, Assist retrieves the plate and places it into an output rack. This repeated process allows unattended runs and extra time for scientists to concentrate on more valuable tasks. Assist is designed to be used with Labsystems microplate readers and dispensers, offering a perfect match for high-throughput environments.

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