Thermo FLASH 4000 Combustion Nitrogen Protein Analyzer

Manufacturer: Thermo Scientific Model: Flash 4000 Condition: Used Warranty: Test Performed: Power tested only; due to lack of instrument expertise. Listing ID# 38926

Thermo FLASH 4000 Combustion N/Protein Analyzer

System Includes:
  • Thermo Scientific FLASH 4000 Nitrogen Protein Analyzer
  • Cables and connectors

The Thermo Scientific Flash 4000 N/Protein Analyzer in the Dynamic Flash Combustion technique for the analysis of Nitrogen/Protein by the modified Dumas method. The Flash is an economical alternative to the classical Kjeldahl method for use in production quality control and research and development environments. The Dynamic Flash Combustion technique utilized by the Flash 4000 can cut analysis times from hours to minutes over the Kjeldahl method. The Flash 4000 can handle large samples from any food matrix as well as animal feeds, fertilizer, soil and plant material, etc.

The Flash 4000 also introduces two exciting automatic devices. Moisture and carbon dioxide are now removed from the measured gas stream using a permanent devices rather than reagents. Moisture is condensed out using a Peltier device and carbon dioxide is collected in regenerative adsorption filters.

FLASH 4000 Features:

• Large sample weight (more than 2 g)
• Accurate and precise results
• Enhanced Eager Xperience dedicated software
• Ease of use
• Low cost per analysis
• Official methods compliance
• Large range of Food, Animal feed and Beverages applications
• Analytical conditions stable for months

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