Thermo Electron Trace GC ULTRA with Trace DSQ Mass Spectrometer

Manufacturer: Thermo Electron Model: TRACE DSQ MS / TRACE GC ULTRA Condition: Used Warranty: AS-IS / no warranty Test Performed: Listing ID# 30780
System includes:
  • Thermo Electron Trace GC ULTRA
  • Thermo Electron Trace DSQ Mass Spectrometer
  • Computer workstation
  • Cables and connectors

Thermo Electron Trace GC ULTRA Details:

The TRACE GC Ultra is built around the recognized quality, reliability and ruggedness of the established TRACE GC. Ultra performance, reliability, and usability make this a must-have GC for any laboratory. Automated features result in a tremendous increase in sample throughput, with analyses performed up to 30 times faster than before, without compromises in precision.

The new Ultra platform incorporates innovative solutions, such as the new Ultra Fast and Large Volume splitless techniques, delivering unprecedented performance.

Ultra in speed of analysis

Featuring a linear heating rate of up to 1200 °C per minute, the TRACE GC Ultra is able to dramatically decrease sample run times in a wide range of GC applications from crude oils, pesticides and hydrocarbons determination, to drug screening and food and flavors characterization. Combined with conventional GC or MS detectors, this technique enormously increases lab productivity without compromising analytical resolution, precision or reliability.

Thermo Electron Trace DSQ MS Details:

The Thermo Electron Trace DSQ MS is the new benchmark for single quadrupole GC/MS systems.  This benchtop system takes trace level analysis into the future with a curved optics design and new Ion BrightTM source that offers a fundamental improvement in your analytical results.  Thermo Electron’s baseline noise-reducing innovation cuts neutral noise to less than two ion per second for the ultimate in affordable sub-ppb level performance.

The Thermo Electron TRACE DSQ (Dual-Stage Quadrupole) inherits from TRACE MS Plus and Finnigan PolarisQ the performance, ruggedness, and reliability of these Thermo Electron GC/MS instruments. Thousands of systems are installed worldwide with the reputation of being “e;Powerful Performers.”e; Finnigan TRACE DSQ further enhances this reputation by providing extra sensitivity when you need it.  The new Ion BrightTM source, coupled with an innovative, curved pre-filter delivers and maintains the ultimate performance of your instrument. No more background noise from excited neutrals, no more sample contamination of the sensitive quadrupoles; the pre-filter efficiently removes it.  The DSQ’s ability to detect smaller amounts of compounds in difficult matrices can mean less prep time, smaller injections, less sample, more confidence -real productivity.

The powerful new installation specifications for the Thermo TRACE DSQ mass spectrometers really underline the significant increase in sensitivity and unequivocally show that the instrument is the most sensitive benchtop GC/MS system commercially available.

The Thermo TRACE DSQ, configured with the proven TRACE GC Ultra, delivers results you’d expect from high end systems at an affordable price. For added productivity, specify an AI 3000 or AS 2000 liquid or HS 2000 headspace autosamplers for high volume applications.

Thermo Trace Ultra GC Specifications:

Column Oven

  • Programmability: 7 Ramps/8 Plateaus.
  • Temperature range: few degrees above ambient to 450 °C.
  • Maximum Temperature ramp: 120 °C/min.
  • Typical heat-up: from 50 °C to 450 °C in 420 seconds.
  • Typical cool down: 450 °C to 50 °C in 250 seconds.
  • Sub-ambient: -99 °C with liquid N2, -55 °C with CO2 options.
  • Injectors Vaporizing Inlets: SSL, Packed, Purged Packed,B.E.S.T. PTV
  • Temperature range: 50-400 °C
  • Heating rate: Up to 14.5 °C/sec (870°C/min).
  • Programmability: 3 ramps/4 plateaus. Air-cooled down to few degrees above ambient temperature.
  • Sub-ambient: -50 °C with liquid N2 , -30°C with CO2 options.
  • Non-Vaporizing Inlets: Cold, On-column Septumless injector. No heating of the injector is required. Suitable for manual and automated operations.
    Cryogenic coolant not required.


Thermo Trace DSQ Features:

The Finnigan TRACE DSQ — an affordable package of superior GC/MS technology

  • Fast scan speeds of up to 10,000 amu/sec for fast chromatography and improved spectral integrity.
  • Innovative, curved pre-filter reduces noise and protects the quadrupole from the dirtiest of matrices.
  • Full-scan EI, SIM and optional PICI and NICI (ECD-MS) modes, plus alternating PPINICI scans.
  • Faster confirmations using Xcalibur’s simultaneous full-scan and SIM capability.
  • Choice of three turbomolecular pump capacities (70 L/s, 250 L/s or 200/200 L/s differential).
  • Sample inlets — Split/splitless; PTV, or Cold On-Column Large Volume Injection.
  • Optional Vacuum Interlock – switch ion volumes without venting the system and be running samples in under three minutes.
  • Direct sample probe for non-GC sample introduction.

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