Thermo / Dionex AS3500 Inert Variable-Loop Autosampler

Manufacturer: Dionex Model: AS3500 Condition: Used Warranty: Test Performed: Listing ID# 11086

Dionex AS3500 inert variable loop autosampler with column oven. Previously TSP-Thermo Separations Products Spectra Systems. ALS provides high-performance automatic sampling at entry level pricing. Configuration flexibility includes fixed volume injection, variable volume injection, column oven, sample preparation, and sample tray temperature control.

AS3500–Inert Autosampler
The AS3500 autosampler provides all the features of the model AS3000, but in an inert version. This autosampler is ideally suited for biological applications that require metal-free operation or applications that utilize corrosive solvents or buffers.
Also Available: AS3000–Variable-volume Injection Autosampler
The AS3000 provides outstanding performance and maximum flexibility in an LC sample processing system. The standard unit offers 120-vial capacity, multiple injection modes, random vial access, re-use of calibration standards, and priority sampling.


  • Automated sample preparation
  • Micro-robotic operation
  • 120-vial capacity with random vial access
  • Re-use of calibration standards
  • PC-based control available
  • Numerous integrated options available
  • Optimum sensitivity and selectivity with Thermo Electron columns


  • Vial capacity: 120 vials; 105 vials with temperature-controlled tray
  • Injection precision/variable volume: <0.5% RSD @ 10 micro L
  • Injection variable volume: 0.1-100 micro L injections standard up to 1500 micro L injections with larger loops and syringe
  • Sample carryover: typically <0.01% at 400 micro L flush volume


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