SIEMENS MicroMix 5 microplate Shaker

Manufacturer: Siemens Healthcare Diagnostics Inc. Model: MicroMix 5 Condition: Used Warranty: Test Performed: Listing ID# 30726

SIEMENS MicroMix 5 microplate Shaker

The MicroMix 5 is a fully programmable microplate and tube shaker. It allows complete control over the amplitude, frequency, direction of rotation and duration of shaking. The shaker has a capacity of four 96-well microplates, 120 tubes in one rack (Rack 513) or up to two racks (Rack 500) of 96 tubes, and can also shake tubes in foam racks.

The MicroMix 5 consists of a base unit containing the control electronics, the electromechanics, a panel-mounted keypad and a Liquid Crystal Display (LCD). The base unit supports a lightweight but robust shaking table with plate-retaining strips, which can be exchanged for a mat and locators for shaking tubes. The MicroMix 5 has a separate desktop power supply.

The following are technical characteristics and specifications of the MicroMix 5:

Maximum power consumption: 50 VA
Power voltage: 90 – 260 VAC, 47 Hz – 63 Hz
• Power inlet at rear panel of power supply module
Maximum peak-to-peak shake amplitude: 2.5 mm
Shaking mode: horizontal plane, circular
Shaker orbital speed range (frequency): 300 – 1800 rpm (5 – 30 cycles
per second)
Maximum capacity:
4 microplates
2 RACK 500 with 96 tubes per rack
1 RACK 513 with 120 tubes per rack
2 foam decanting racks with 100 tubes each
Maximum shake mass:
2 kg evenly distributed on shaking table from 5 Hz – 20 Hz
0.5 kg evenly distributed on shaking table from 20 Hz – 30 Hz


Mechanical Specifications:

The following are mechanical characteristics and specifications of the MicroMix 5. The mechanical and electrical components are fixed to a metal base plate. The microplates are supported on an aluminum table. Other characteristics are:

Footprint: 410 mm deep × 345 mm wide excluding power supply
Height: 96 mm (overall height to seat of microplate)
Weight: 6.7 kg; shipping weight: 8 kg

Vibration through the work surface is dampened by using feet made of special isodamped material.


Environmental Specifications:

  • Operating temperature: 0 to 40°C
  • Storage temperature: –25 to 50°C
  • Humidity: 10 to 90% RH, non-condensating
  • RFC/EMI: Complies with EMC Directive 89/336/EEC
    FCC 20780 Class B
    VDE 0871 Level A




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