Shimadzu TOC-VWS TOC Analyzer

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Manufacturer: Shimadzu Model: VWS Condition: Used Warranty: Test Performed: Listing ID# 7289

This Shimadzu TOC-VWS TOC Analyzer is in excellent condition.  This is a Wet chemical oxidation/NDIR method.  Newly designed high-sensitivity NDIR achieves ultrahigh sensitivity measurements.  Sensitivity and accuracy are enhanced by minimizing the reagent blanks that hinder accurate analysis.

Phosphoric acid and the oxidant (persulfate) are added to the sample, which is heated under UV illumination to convert the TC in the sample to carbon dioxide. This carbon dioxide flows with the carrier gas via the dehumidifier into the NDIR sample cell. The area of the carbon dioxide peak signal is measured and this peak area is converted to TC concentration using a pre-prepared calibration curve. TC Measurement The sample is acidified with phosphoric acid and sparged to convert the IC in the sample to carbon dioxide. This carbon dioxide is detected by the NDIR and the sample IC concentration is measured in the same way as TC.

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