Shimadzu TOC-5000A Analyzer with ASI-5000A Autosampler

Manufacturer: Shimadzu Model: ASI 5000A / TOC 5000A Condition: Used Warranty: 30 days Test Performed: Listing ID# 251

The TOC-5000 Analyzer measures the levels of total carbon (TC), inorganic carbon (IC), total organic carbon (TOC) and non-purgeable organic carbon (NPOC) in water, based on the combustion/non-dispersive inferred (NDIR) gas analysis method.

All samples must be filtered through a 0.45µm filter.

Shimadzu has been a world leader in the manufacture of high-quality Total Organic Carbon (TOC) analyzers since 1967. These state-of-the-art TOC analyzers maximize both sensitivity and productivity, making them the ideal choice for monitoring rivers, lakes, and oceans, assisting in the management of water from public sources, wastewater, and manufacturing processes, and, in the pharmaceutical industry, performing validation processes to meet the required regulations. Today, Shimadzu´s TOC analyzers are the benchmarks of the industry.

Key Specifications:

Measurement range: 4μg/L – 4000 μg/L (4ppb to 4000ppm)

Analyte: TC, IC, TOC (TC-IC), NPOC (non-purgeable organic carbon), POC (purgeable organic carbon).

Combustion temperature: 680 °C 

Average analysis time: 2 to 3 minutes for both TC and IC (4.5 minutes for TC and 3.5 minutes for IC at the longest).

Repeatability: Standard deviation is less than 1% of full scale for the range less than 2000ppm to 4000ppm (from 2500ppm to 5000ppm for IC),

Sample introduction: Automatic injection via microliter syringe, Sample injection volume: 500 to 2000µL with a 2500 µL syringe; 4 to 250 µL with a 250 µL syringe.

Key Features:
  • Method: Combustion/non-dispersive infrared gas analysis method.
  • Measurement results: 200 sample average values can be saved.
  • Automatic selection of the optimum set of operation conditions.
  • Sample introduction: Automatic injection via microliter syringe.
  • Carrier gas: Cylinder of ultra-high purity air or oxygen; about 6kgf/cm2 / 0,588 MPa (7kgf/cm2 max. / 0,686 MPa max.) in supply pressure; 150 mL/min. in flow rate (300mL/min. including sparging).

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