Shimadzu LCMS 8040 System

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Manufacturer: Shimadzu Model: LCMS 8040 Condition: Used Warranty: 30 day (90 day with onsite installation.) Test Performed: Listing ID# 31666

Shimadzu LCMS 8040 System

NOTE: System is ready for Drug Panel Testing; Method Included.

This Shimadzu LCMS 8040 System is in excellent condition.

System Includes:
  • LCMS 8040
  • CBM-20A Prominence Communication BUS Module
  • CTO-30A Nexera Column Oven
  • LC-30AD Nexera Liquid Chromatograph (2)
  • DGU-20A5R Degassing Unit
  • SIL-30AC Nexera Auto Sampler
  • Nexera Rack Changer II
  • Shimadzu Tray
  • Powervar Security Plus power conditioner
  • Peak Scientific Nitrogen Generator
  • Edwards 28 Vacuum Pump
  • Computer
  • Cables & Connectors

Enhanced sensitivity for demanding routine analysis

Consumer demand for higher quality products has led to the implementation of stricter government regulations and oversight in order to ensure safety and product conformity. The food safety community is just one sector requiring lower minimum residue levels with greater testing frequency for a broader number of compounds. The triple quad LCMS-8040 has stepped up to the challenges of high-throughput sensitive routine analysis. As shown, the LCMS-8040 can analyze a 226 pesticide mixture in less than two minutes, making it an ideal instrument for meeting a laboratory’s demanding requirements

Ultra-High Sensitivity

By incorporating newly improved ion optics and collision cell technology, the LCMS-8040 provides higher multiple reaction monitoring (MRM) sensitivity. A five-fold increase in sensitivity (reserpine, S/N ratio), as compared with that of LCMS-8030 has been achieved by improving ion focusing and minimizing ion losses between multi-pole lenses. These improvements also yield higher sensitivity for scan mode measurements. This higher sensitivity expands the potential range of LC/MS/MS applications.

Ultra-High Speed

The LCMS-8040 was designed to provide significantly higher sensitivity while maintaining the high speed offered by the LCMS-8030. Ultrafast MRM transition speeds, up to 555 MRMs per second, are achieved by Shimadzu’s UFsweeper collision cell technology, proprietary high-precision quadrupole machining capabilities, and unique high voltage power supply technology. In addition, the LCMS-8040 features the fast polarity switching at 15 msec. With this high-speed performance, the LCMS-8040 can dramatically improve analytical throughput.

Ultra-High Reliability

MRM optimization in Shimadzu’s LCMS systems is based on a rapid series of automated flow injection analyses, requiring only minutes to perform. Multiple compounds can be optimized in an unattended sequence, freeing the analyst from tedious work. MRM parameters optimized for the LCMS-8030 can be transferred to the LCMS-8040, making it possible to transfer methods between systems. The LCMS-8040 offers the same ease of maintenance benefits as the LCMS-8030, and all consumables, such as desolvation lines (DL) and ESI capillaries, are interchangeable as well.

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