Rotronic Hygrolab3 Bench Top Humidity Temperature Indicator

Manufacturer: Rotronic Instruments Model: HygroLab 3 Condition: Used Warranty: 30 day Test Performed: Listing ID# 23796

Rotronic Hygrolab 3 Bench Top Humidity Temperature Indicator

This Rotronic Hygrolab 3 Bench Top Humidity Temperature Indicator is in excellent condition.

DISCONTINUED ITEM-Replaced By: Rotronic HygroLab C1 Set Laboratory Analyzer for Water Activity

The HygroLab 3 is a bench-top water activity meter with 4 probe inputs. It features three operating modes:. AwQuick, AwE, Standard.

Up to 4 probes can be run simultaneously in the same mode. The HygroLab 3 is compatible with all the models of HygroClip probes to permit the direct measurement of products in bulk and quality control of packaging materials. The probes used with the HygroLab 3 can be calibrated and adjusted at one or more values, directly from the instrument keypad. Reference humidity values are provided by using the ROTRONIC certified humidity standards.

When installed on a PC (Windows XP or Vista required), the HW4 software offers additional functions such as the automatic capture of end values, as well as data logging and a live graph.


  • AwQuick Mode: accelerated water activity measurement with automatic end of measurement
  • AwE Mode: conventional water activity measurement with automatic detection of equilibrium and automatic end of measurement
    Standard Mode: water activity and temperature measurement, limited to just indicating the values and the trend of the values
  • Stand alone system with ultra fast water activity measurement of up to 4 product samples simultaneously
  • Compatible with the HW4 software for the capture of end values, live graph, data logging, etc.
  • HygroLab 3 bench-top meter accepts a large choice of probes, suitable for the direct measurement of products in bulk


  • Maximum Measuring Range: Probe dependent; 0…100%rh, -50…+200 °C (-100…+390 °F)
  • Accuracy at 23°C: ± 1.5%rh, ± 0.3K
  • Repeatability: Better than 0.5%rh/0.1°C/0.2 °F/AWD: 0.1%hr/0.1°C/0.2 °F
  • Sensors: Hygromer C94/humidity Hygrolyt DMS 100H, Pt100 1/3 DIN temperature
  • Instrument Operating Limits: 0…99%rh non-condensing, -10…+60 °C (14…140 °F)
  • Display Type: Liquid Crystal 1 line alphanumeric, 2 line numeric
  • Display Resolution: 0.1%rh, 0.1°C/°F, 0.01 calculated value
  • Housing: Aluminum
  • Power: 9V mains adapter, +Tip
  • CE Conformity: EMV: EN50081-2 EN/EN50082-2

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