Qiagen TissueLyser- 85210

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Manufacturer: Qiagen Model: Tissuelyser Condition: Used Warranty: 30 day Test Performed: Listing ID# 5164

This Qiagen TissueLyser is in excellent condition.  The Qiagen TissueLyser provides rapid and efficient disruption of cells and tissues for the BioRobot. Processing of up to 2 x 96 samples takes as little as 2 – 4 minutes.

Disruption is achieved through the beating and grinding effect of beads on the sample material as they are shaken with the sample in a variety of grinding vessels. The optimized design of TissueLyser Adapter Sets ensures that tubes remain securely sealed during disruption. This prevents cross-contamination, which is especially important for highly sensitive downstream applications, such as real-time RT-PCR or microarray analysis.


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