Perkin Elmer ELAN DRC plus ICP-MS (ICPMS ICP/MS) System

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Manufacturer: Perkin Elmer Model: ELAN DRC plus Condition: Used Warranty: Test Performed: Listing ID# 20696

Perkin Elmer ELAN DRC plus ICP-MS (ICPMS ICP/MS) System

2nd generation DRC instrument with axial field technology for optimal performance in all matrices.

The ELAN DRCPlus ICP-MS system is an easy-to-use, high-throughput, multielement tool that offers unsurpassed stability, accuracy, and reproducibility in any matriThe ELAN DRCPlus system offers scientists an innovative approach to ICP-MS analysis, making it ideal for all applications, including environmental, clinical, semiconductor, and geochemical, where optimal performance in challenging matrices is required. The innovative Axial Field feature applies a linearly accelerating axial field to the Dynamic Reaction Cell, decreasing matrix effects, improving stability, and increasing the speed of the ELAN DRCPlus system.

DRC technology, combined with the unique Dynamic Bandpass Tuning (DBT) feature, uses an active quadrupole to selectively control the reaction chemistry, removing interfering species and providing the ultimate signal-to-noise ratio for all elements in any matrix. The ELAN DRCPlus system resolves direct isobaric overlaps that high-resolution instruments cannot achieve. All elements are determined using robust hot plasma conditions, eliminating the need for cool plasma, and thus increasing efficiency in the laboratory.

System includes:

  • PE Elan DRC Plus ICP/MS
  • Perkin Elmer/Gilson MiniPlus Peristaltic Pump
  • Computer with Software
  • 2 x Internal Vacuum Pumps
  • PolyScience Chiller

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