MJ Research PTC-240 DNA Engine Tetrad 2 Peltier Thermal Cycler

Manufacturer: MJ Research Model: DNA Engine TETRAD2 Condition: Used Warranty: 30 day Test Performed: Listing ID# 23739

MJ Research PTC-240 DNA Engine Tetrad 2 Peltier Thermal Cycler

The MJ Research PTC-240 DNA Engine Tetrad 2 thermal cycler is a completely redesigned and updated version of the original Tetrad chassis, and it accepts the full line of well-proven Alpha™ heat-pump assemblies. It delivers the same precision in thermal performance as the DNA Engine Dyad®, and original Tetrad thermal cyclers, allowing easy transport of protocols among platforms.

The Tetrad 2 contains an onboard Pentium®-class computer that delivers an advanced graphical interface—ideal for managing production-grade thermal cycling. For those labs that value quick training, the creation and editing of protocols can be accomplished rapidly and easily via the mouse-directed “point-and-click” navigation. Real-time displays of block, sample and lid temperatures provide quality assurance that the thermal cycler is performing as directed. Superior software features, such as error tracking logs, run tracking files, problem resolution trees and file management tools, offer invaluable information for troubleshooting during high throughput runs.

Features of the DNA Engine Tetrad 2 Peltier Thermal cycler:
  • 4-bay high-throughput thermal cycling
  • Up to 8 individual sample blocks, which can be controlled independently or as a group
  • Up to 1536 samples can be processed simultaneously
  • Internal power supply—no separate “boxes” to accommodate
  • High-density color display and on-board mousepad, with point-and-click navigation of software
  • Real-time monitoring of cycling temperatures

Advantages of all DNA Engine systems:

Sample Blocks:  

  • Swappable Alpha unit sample blocks are designed for frequent change; they can be swapped in seconds; they seat many types of reaction vessels.
  • Independently controlled dual blocks are available for running two different protocols simultaneously.
  • Gradient capabilities standard on all DNA Engine systems when fitted with 96-well Alpha units.
  • Unique Peltier heat pumps are built by MJ Research specifically for cycling.   Years of experience and proprietary technologies make MJ modules last longer than any other.
  • Multi-zone feedback control utilizes multiple sensors combined with four “zones” for heating and/or cooling to optimize thermal profiles every 50 milliseconds.


  • Extraordinary temperature uniformity of ±0.4°C within 30 seconds of arrival at 90°C (well-to-well) average, all Alphas.
  • Superb thermal accuracy of blocks within ±0.3°C of NIST standard at 90°C (average across block, all Alphas).
  • Thermal range of -5° to 105°C
  • Rapid ramp rates of up to 3.0°C/sec


  • Two thermal control options block control or calculated control.
  • Choice of two heated-lid designs accommodate many vessel types and various sealing options, allowing maximum flexibility in experimental designs.   Heated lid temperatures can be set with any DNA Engine instrument.

MJ Research DNA Engine Tetrad 2 Peltier Thermal Cycler

Thermal range 0–105˚C, but no more than 30˚C below ambient temperature (10–105˚C for the Slide Chambers unit)
Accuracy ±0.3˚C of programmed target at 90˚C, NIST-traceable (±0.4˚C for dual-block units)
Thermal uniformity ±0.4˚C well-to-well within 30 seconds of arrival at 90˚C (±0.5˚C for dual-block units)
Ramping speed Up to 3˚C/sec for all single- and dual-block Alpha units; Up to 1.2˚C/sec for the Slide Chambers Alpha unit
Sample capacity Varies with installed Alpha unit
Line voltage 200–240 VAC
Frequency 50–60 Hz
Power 3300 W maximum
Fuses Two 6.3 A, 250 V, 5 x 20 mm
Displays One 1/4 size VGA screen (320 x 240 pixels), 16 colors
Ports One 9-pin RS-232 serial port, one ethernet port
Program capacity 1,000 (typical)
Weight 21 kg ( base only)
Size 47 x 61 x 16 cm (l x w x h, base only)

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