Millipore Milli-Q Gradient A10 Water Purification System -ZMQS6V00Y-120V

Manufacturer: Millipore Model: Milli-Q Gradient A10 Condition: Used Warranty: Test Performed: Listing ID# 10417

Originally designed for high-performance liquid chromatography (HPLC), gas chromatography (GC) and liquid chromatography (LC) that require pure water with ultra low organic levels, the Milli-Q (MilliQ) Model ZMQP6V0T1 Gradient water purification system has proven equally suitable for ion chromatography (IC) and Gas Chromatography-Mass Spectrometry (GC-MS) applications. The Milli-Q Gradient system increases data reproducibility, reduces baseline noise, and decreases fouling to ensure accurate research, and reduce time and expenses.

To provide researchers with maximized chromatogram peak height and lower detection limits, the Milli-Q Gradient system eliminates background interference and minimizes baseline shifts. Incorporating a high-precision resistivity meter and a built in A10 total organic carbon (TOC) monitor, the Milli-Q Gradient system provides complete water quality monitoring, 18.2 M•cm at 25oC and ultra-low TOC of 1-5 ppb. An integrated dual-wavelength UV lamp effectively destroys the organic contaminants in the water and reduces bacterial counts. Feed water and application-specific Q-Gard® and Quantum™ cartridges employed in the system diminish particulate, organic and ionic contaminants down to trace levels. In addition, a Millipak 0.22 µm absolute filter provides final purification at the point-of-use.

The Gradient A10 produces Type 1 water of very high quality, suitable for applications such as spectroscopy, chromatography, and tracelevel nutrient and contaminant sampling. The system is fed by water produced by an Elix Advantage system.
Consumables such as cartridges and guards are used and not guaranteed.

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