Millipore 30L Pure Water Storage Reservoir Tank with Automatic Sanitization Module

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Manufacturer: Millipore Model: Automatic Sanitization Module Condition: Used Warranty: Test Performed: Listing ID# 13970

The main concern when storing purified water is degradation of water quality over time. Millipore’s 30, 60, and 100 L polyethylene (PE) reservoirs are designed to provide effective protection against airborne contaminants. Stored Type 2 and 3 (analytical-grade/laboratory-grade) water is used in various lab applications including glassware rinsing, microbiological media preparation, buffer preparation, equipment feed, manufacturing chemical and biochemical reagents, and pharmaceutical use of purified water (according to USP and PhEur).


  • Automatic Sanitization Module. Catalogue Number : TANKS60UV (30/60/100 L polyethylene reservoirs)
  • 30-Liter Polyethylene Pure Water Storage Reservoir. Catalogue Number : TANKPE030 (Elix (3 to 10) / Milli-Q Integral)


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