Labsystems Nepheloskan Ascent Microplate Reader

Manufacturer: Labsystems Model: Nepheloskan Ascent Condition: Used Warranty: Test Performed: Listing ID# 498

Labsystems Nepheloskan Ascent Microplate Reader

System Includes:
  • Labsystems Nepheloskan Ascent Microplate Reader
  • Computer
  • Cables and connectors

Nepheloskan Ascent can be used together with Labsystems’ powerful Ascent Software to allow easy assay optimization, or it can be combined with Assist Plate Handling Device to increase microplate handling the capacity.


First-ever microplate nephelometer for rapid particle measurement
• Advanced ultra-sensitive, light scattering optical system
• Adjustable orbital shaker and incubator
• Optional dispenser system
• Powerful Ascent Software for assay optimization
• Effective robotic integration

Rapid particle measurement in microplate format

Labsystems introduces the first-ever nephelometer for measuring particles in microplate format. Depending on the measurement type, a 96-well plate can be read in just 25 seconds.

Nepheloskan Ascent allows convenient testing of particles in microplate format for applications such as drug solubility tests, quantitation of specific proteins and antibiotic sensitivity studies.

Advanced light scattering optical system

Nepheloskan Ascent’s ultra-sensitive optical system produces a highly focused light beam that measures the scattering function of particles suspended in a medium at one angle. The data obtained is used to determine the particles as well as the precipitation that produces the cloudiness of the medium.

A highly focused light beam of 2 mm in diameter is produced by a light source below the microplate and an optical unit that filters and directs the light through the sample (3). Another optical unit only allows the scattered light (at about a 30° angle) to pass towards the detector, which is a photomultiplier tube above the microplate.

Adjustable orbital shaker and incubator – optional dispenser

The adjustable orbital shaker and incubator provide an added advantage for studies of factors affecting the solubility of pharmaceutical components as well as bacterial growth.

The optional dispensing system also provides a convenient way to kinetically study the formation of immunocomplexes in a liquid form, for example. With them highly visual Ascent Software, the real-time kinetic curves of the assay can be followed.

Nepheloskan Ascent application areas

Testing and development of pharmaceuticals
• Measurement of antimicrobial effects
• Bacterial growth (growth curves)
• Development of growth medium
• Quantitation of proteins
• Quality control of processes
• Solubility testing


Plate type: 96-well plate
Light source: Quartz halogen lamp
Detector: Photomultiplier tube
Spectral response: 580 – 630 nm
Measurement angle: Approx. 30°
Measurement speed: Depends on the measurement type; minimum 25 sec./ plate
Shaker: Orbital method, speed 60-1200 rpm
Incubator: Temperature range from ambient temperature +3°C to +45°C
Dispenser: One dispenser as an option
Dispensing volume: 5-1000 μl in 5 μl increments
Recommended assay volume: 300 μl per well in Cliniplates

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