Agilent/HP 1050 HPLC System

Manufacturer: Agilent Technologies / Hewlett Packard Model: 1050 HPLC Condition: Used Warranty: 30 day Test Performed: tested Listing ID# 5641

Agilent/HP 1050 HPLC System

This Agilent/HP 1050 HPLC System is in excellent condition.

 The Agilent/HP 1050 HPLC was among the first modular designs that was launched by Hewlett Packard. This model can really be useful if you are looking to build a capable system that requires modest expansion but on a limited budget. The HP Agilent 1050 also known as Agilent 1050 can be used as a stand alone system or with a computer and ChemStation software. The computer can be new or a refurbished if you are looking to lower cost even further. Of course, single components are available for purchase as well.


When it comes to performance and capability, when controlling the Agilent 1050 with a computer and ChemStation in place standalone control, you will hardly notice the difference between the two. In fact when working with the program interface you probably would not know if you are controlling HP 1050 unless you know what system was connected to the computer. In cases of system problems, the HP Agilent 1050 is easy to diagnose because of its control panels on every module.


HP 1050 is great for small laboratories and schools with limited budget because with this system you can still have the job done for less money.

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Note: Licenses for Agilent´s software products are not transferable. Any customer who purchases Agilent products are advised to contact Agilent for license requirements.


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We have extensive experience with Agilent Chromatography systems. We carry a large inventory of Agilent/HP components and full systems and you are able to customize your system with other configurations if needed. Upon purchase, support will be available via phone, email, or Skype.

This system includes:

  •  VWD
  •  Autosampler
  • HPLC Solvent Tray
  • HPLC Quaternary Pump
  • Cables and connectors


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