Eppendorf 5415R Microcentrifuge with F45-24-11 Rotor

Manufacturer: Eppendorf Model: 5415R Condition: Used Warranty: 30 day Test Performed: Listing ID# 12507

Eppendorf 5415R Microcentrifuge

The Centrifuge 5415 R is a refrigerated bench-top centrifuge, used in research and routine laboratories in the biosciences, industry, clinics, and chemistry. With their space-saving design and user-friendly operating concept, these centrifuges are ideal for everyday routine tasks.

Centrifuge 5415 R has the same user-friendliness and all the tried and tested technical features of the non-refrigerated 5415 D, including the almost indestructible maintenance-free drive, which requires only 13 seconds to accelerate to the maximum speed of 13,200 rpm (max. rcf: 16,000 x g).

The rotor runs so smoothly that particles that have already been pelleted are not unintentionally resuspended. Centrifuge 5415 R enables rapid and reliable refrigerated centrifugation in a temperature range between 0 °C and 40 °C. Temperature-sensitive samples are maintained safely at 4 °C, even at maximum speed. In the standby mode, the centrifuge then can be set to the desired temperature. With the aid of the Fast Cool function, refreshing 4 °C can be attained within a mere 16 minutes. One undisputed innovation on Centrifuge 5415 R is the new motorized lid latch. Two built-in gripper arms close the newly designed lid automatically.

Product features of Centrifuges 5415D/5415R
  • Small and quiet
  • Dials and a digital display
  • rpm/rcf setting as required
  • Separate short-spin key
  • Max. rcf: 16,100 x g
  • Maintenance-free drive
  • Space-saving design
  • 24-position standard rotor for 1.5/2.0 ml tubes (adapters available for 0.2 ml, 0.4 ml, 0.5 ml and 0.6 ml tubes); autoclavable; also available with an aerosol-tight aluminium lid
System Includes:
  • Eppendorf 5415R Microcentrifuge
  • Eppendorf F45-24-11 Rotor
  • Cables and connectors
Additional product features of Centrifuge 5415R
  • Temperature setting range from 0 °C to 40 °C
  • Temperature of 4 °C maintained exactly, even at maximum speed
  • Stand-by cooling
  • Fast Cool: from room temperature to 4 °C in max. 16 minutes
  • Motorized lid latch
  •  Refrigeration
Typical capacities
  • 24 x Microlitre 0.2-2ml


  • 24 x 1.5/2.0 mL capacity rotor
  • Speed up to 16,100 x g (13,200 rpm)
  • Speed range 800-13,200 rpm
  • Very compact footprint for use on all lab benches
  • Low profile design for ergonomic loading/unloading of rotor—allows for complete lid opening under shelves
  • OptiBowl® design allows for whisper quiet operation–even without rotor lid–to benefit your work environment
  • Centrifuge lid with a soft-touch one-finger closure for ergonomic operation
  • Centrifuge lid without exposed parts or sharp edges
  • Temperature range from 0°C to 40°C
  • Maintains constant 4°C at maximum speed
  • FastTemp function for fastest pre-cooling and maximum temperature accuracy inside the rotor
  • Dimensions (W x D x H): 11.4 x 17.7 x 9 in / 29 x 45 x 23 cm
  • Height with lid open: 19.3 in / 49 cm
  • Weight: 46.7 lb / 21.2 kg

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