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Manufacturer: Dionex / Thermo Scientific Model: DIONEX ICS 1000 1500 3000 5000 Condition: Pre-owned Warranty: 30 DAY Test Performed: FULLY TESTED Listing ID# 20092


DIONEX – Ion Chromatography Systems (ICS)

Ion chromatography is used for water chemistry analysis. Ion chromatographs are able to measure concentrations of major anions, such as fluoride, chloride, nitrate, nitrite, and sulfate, as well as major cations such as lithium, sodium, ammonium, potassium, calcium, and magnesium in the parts-per-billion (ppb) range. Concentrations of organic acids can also be measured through ion chromatography.

 Ion chromatography, a form of liquid chromatography, measures concentrations of ionic species by separating them based on their interaction with a resin. Ionic species separate differently depending on species type and size. Sample solutions pass through a pressurized chromatographic column where ions are absorbed by column constituents. As an ion extraction liquid, known as eluent, runs through the column, the absorbed ions begin separating from the column. The retention time of different species determines the ionic concentrations in the sample.

Systems available:

  • DIONEX ICS 1100
  • DIONEX ICS 1500
  • DIONEX ICS 2000
  • DIONEX ICS 2100
  • DIONEX ICS 3000
  • DIONEX ICS 5000

NOTE: Dionex ICS 3000 pictured.

Price will vary depending on the version. Please call/email us with specifications of the desired system and we will provide you with personalized quotation.

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