Dionex GS50 Gradient Pump

Manufacturer: Dionex / Thermo Scientific Model: GS50 Condition: Used Warranty: Test Performed: Listing ID# 6141
This Dionex GS50 Gradient Pump is in excellent condition.  The GS50 Gradient Pump is a microprocessor-based eluent (or mobile phase) delivery system. Its variable-speed, serial-piston design ensures pulse-free pumping for the most demanding applications. The GS50 delivers mixtures of up to four mobile phase components at precisely controlled flow rates. The selected mobile phase composition can be delivered as isocratic, isocratic proportioned, linear ramp, step, curved, or any combination of these. A DSP (Digital Signal Processor) provides high speed, extremely accurate control of pump flow.  The two basic modes of pump control, Direct control and Method control, enable the GS50 to operate either with or without reference to time-based events.
The GS50 is usually controlled:
  • Locally, from the front panel keypad and display, or
  • Remotely (via the Dionex DX-LAN™ interface), from a computer running one of these Dionex chromatography software products: Chromeleon® (Release 6.1 or later) or PeakNet® 6 (Release 6.1 or later).


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