CTC Analytics / LEAP Technologies IFC PAL Integrated Fraction Collector

Manufacturer: CTC Analytics / Leap Technologies Model: IFC PAL Condition: Used Warranty: 30 day warranty Test Performed: Listing ID# 7603

This CTC Analytics / LEAP Technologies IFC PAL Integrated Fraction Collector is in very good condition.

This system includes:

  • CTC Analytics Leap Technologies IFC PAL Fraction Collector
  • Dual Injection valve / Switching LC valve
  • Dual Hand-held controllers
  • Power supply module
  • Sample vial tray

The IFC sample injection functions are handled within ChemStation using the standard CTC PAL driver. The fraction collection functions of the IFC are controlled using an additional addon software package called “FractPAL”. FractPAL is a license software package from LEAP Technologies. This software must be installed separately after ChemStation has been installed. The software is launched automatically when ChemStation is started after both software packages are installed and configured correctly. The FractPAL software handles communications between ChemStation, the Collector PAL and the Agilent 1200 Automated Fraction Collector (AFC), which sends a signal whenever a fraction is to be collected.

The IFC PAL: The CTC Integrated Fraction Collector (IFC) is an autosampler and fraction collector. It is a Twin PAL mounted on a single horizontal beam. Both PALs have their own electronic boards and control panel along with separate i/o panels.

The Injector PAL: The CTC PAL autosampler on the right hand side of the IFC behaves as an independent unit and may be controlled either with Cycle Composer (linked to ChemStation) or the internal CTC PAL driver within ChemStation. There are no significant changes required to the software for autosampling. The autosampler can handle both vials and well plates. It can access all positions on the IFC including the collected fractions.

 The Fraction Collector: The left hand side of the IFC is the fraction collector, which has a modified injection head to accommodate the side-port syringe and collection tubing. It has a special needle guide for collection. It does not handle raw sample and does not have a wash station. Fraction collection is initiated by raising the plunger of the side-port syringe.


The Agilent-LEAP purification system consisting of an Agilent 1200 prep LC system (pumps and detectors) controlling the CTC IFC fraction collector/Injector PAL.

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