Cole-Parmer Polystat Recirculating Chiller

Manufacturer: Cole-Parmer Model: 12920-30 Condition: Used Warranty: 30 day Test Performed: Listing ID# 36264

Cole-Parmer Polystat Recirculating Chiller

This Cole-Parmer Polystat Recirculating Chiller is in great condition.

System Includes:
  • Cole-Parmer Polystat Recirculating Chiller
  • Cables and connectors


Dependable and consistent cooling that is perfect for many heat removal applications.

  • Monitor temperature and flow rate (or pressure) simultaneously with a dual display
  • Portable design saves floor space
  • Different pump and compressor sizes for a variety of applications

These chillers can cool at ambient temperatures as high as 35°C. They are a good standard option that provides optimal reliability. Heater option provides the ability to go up to 70°C for applications that require increasing temperature above ambient before chilling can begin. These also have excellent additional features such as user-adjustable temperature, pressure, and flow rate alarms. The units run quiet, minimizing noise pollution for the user.

Different pump types are available for a varierty of applications. The turbine pump models are hardy and can last as long as 55,000 hours because the turbine style allows particles to pass through it without binding. The magnetic pump models always provide a fixed pressure at 10 psi. The positive displacement pump models offer the opposite, and users can adjust their pressure while flow rate remains fixed.

Specifications & Description

  • Bath TypeRecirculating chiller
  • Reservoir Capacity (L)4.2
  • Max Temperature (° C)70
  • Min Temperature (° C)-10
  • Temperature Stability (° C)±0.1°C
  • Cooling Capacity At 0° C (watts)975
  • Cooling Capacity At 10° C (watts)1550
  • Cooling Capacity At 20° C (watts)2350
  • Pump TypeMagnetic
  • Max Flow Rate (L/min)15.5
  • Max Pump Pressure (PSI)10
  • Max Pump Pressure (mbar)690
  • Low-Level CutoffYes
  • High-Temperature CutoffYes
  • Width (in)40
  • Length (in)31 1/2
  • Height (in)40
  • Width (cm)101.6
  • Length (cm)80.01
  • Height (cm)102
  • Heater Settings: High70°C
  • Heater Wattage (watts)1000
  • Temperature SettingDigital
  • Temperature SensorPt RTD
  • Compressor Horse Power (hp)3/4
  • Port Connections1/2 NPT
  • Drain ValveNo
  • Display TypeLED
  • Wetted MaterialsCopper, brass, PVC, nylon, polypropylene, and vinyl
  • Power (VAC)208 / 230
  • Power (Hz)60
  • Power (amps)9.2
  • DescriptionRecirculating Chiller, Magnetic Pump, -10 to 70°C, 3/4 hp; 208 to 230 VAC, 60 Hz

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